Most competitors charge for separate programs performing our features!  You don’t need to spend $19.95 multiple times!   You don’t need 3 or 4 programs running, using memory and slowing your computer down!   Not with our all in one program! 

Feature Ours Others 
Stop Pop-up ads or Pop-Under Ads
Smart Pop-up Allow 1
Stop Animated Flash Ads Exclusive
Stop Floating Pop-up Ads Exclusive
Cancel Timer Ads (sponsored pages) Exclusive
Stop IE Dialog Boxes 1
Stop IE Message Boxes 1
Stop Messenger Service Pop-ups 1
Stop Blinking Picture Ads
Stop Shaking Picture Ads
Remove Web Bugs 1
Cancel 3rd Party Activity Exclusive
Cookie Manager 2
Smart Cookie Allow Exclusive
Stealth Cookies Exclusive
Freeze Cookies Exclusive
Prevent Sites from Changing Home page 1
Internet Cache (temporary files) Cleaner 1
Internet Password Protection Exclusive
Complete ad control for each web page Exclusive
Optional Offending Material Filter Exclusive

1 There are only a few other programs that offer these features and none contain all.

2 Most programs have timers built in to accomplish these features and run when you are not using Internet Explorer.  Smasher does it on the fly as you visit each web page and does not use the resources of 2 programs.