SpyWare Smasher

Stop SpyWare and Adware Programs

   SpyWare Smasher is a tool that will clean your system of spyware, notify you when something has changed and auto-protect you by disabling any new program that starts on your pc without your consent. 

The free feature in Spyware SmasheR allows you to scan your pc and then disable anything found under the suspicious tab.

The registered version will constantly monitor your system for changes that you have selected under the Auto-Protect tab.  It will provide immediate notifications and/or auto-disable any program under the following conditions:

  • Startup Folders and Registry

  • Browser Objects registry

  • Programs that access the internet

  • Programs that run on your pc

  • Service programs that run on your pc

  • Programs that connect to your pc

  • People that connect to your pc.

  • New files that are added to your pc.

Automatically verifies against its spyware database any new programs or files put on your pc.

Automatically disables spyware programs or new programs that you have not enabled under the advanced tab.

Provides notification alerts for anything new on your pc.

Notification when another person or virus program connects to your pc.   (Great for the office where firewall programs are not installed on each pc. )

And a special feature for users of AOL instant messenger.  It will automatically kill that small mini ad that plays advertisements!


Advanced page screen




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