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Stop Pop-up Ads, Erase Internet Tracks and Remove Cookies!

   ‘Smart Sense‘ engine automatically allows new windows you want and will stop popup ads you don’t want!  No need for you to do anything.  We do it all and you won’t have to constantly update a list of links which will change when the advertisers see that you have blocked them.

All internet Annoyances:

   Erases Internet traces automatically.
Password protect Internet Explorer.
Removes cookies while browsing.
Stop Animated Flash ads.
Stop Floating & Sliding pop-up ads.
Cancel Timer ads.Remove Web Bugs.
Block Messenger Service pop-up ads.
Stop Message Boxes.
Stop Blinking Picture ads.
Stop Shaking Picture ads.
Cancel 3rd Party Activity.

 Stop all internet annoyances!



 Protect your Privacy!

Stop SpyWare and AdWare programs automatically!

     SpyWare Smasher is a FREE tool that will search for spyware and adware programs installed on your pc. You then have the option of disabling anything it finds that is suspicious. The registered version will automatically notifying you or disable programs immediately that are added to your system without your knowledge.    Leave it to us to stop the spyware that get’s installed on your pc without your consent!

Monitors PC activity, provides immediate notifications and will auto-disable when:

Programs are added to Startup Folders/Registry.
Programs are added to Browser Objects registry.
Programs that access the internet.
Programs that run on your pc.
Service programs that run on your pc.
Virus programs that connect to your pc.
Other computers that connect to your pc.
New files that are added to your pc.