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Restore Volume Icon button not working in Windows 10

Mean symbols have the following meanings: Error symbol. The user interface (UI) will have a common bug or problem. warning icon. The user interface indicates a condition that might be causing the problem.

The main characters have the following meaning: Error character. The user interface (UI) displays the error or problem that has occurred. warning icon. The interface describes a condition that can cause a financial problem.

This guide is for HP printers released after 2010 and Windows computers. Delete

After an HP printer, the following error appears when starting the computer:

Launch the DLL. There was a tricky task running c:\\HPStatusBL.dll. The specified module was indeed not found.

How do I fix broken icons?

Restore icon cache in Windows 10. Use Command Prompt. Manually delete the icon cache.
Repair Store Cache in Windows 7. Use a .softball bat file. Use the command line. Clear the main icon cache database.

To prevent this from being caused by the error message, remove the Monitor Ink Alerts shortcut icon from the Windows startup folder.

Step 1: Make Sure Hidden Files Are Shown

How do I fix icons not displaying?

Depending on your Windows settings, some files may be hidden to prevent accidental modification or even deletion.

  1. Browse the Windows folder for options and at this point click Folder Options in the search results.

  2. Click on the View tab.

  3. Select Show hidden files, folders and drives, then click OK.2:

Step. Make Sure You Remove The Shortcut IconMonitor Ink Alerts


  1. Open the main Windows startup folder.

  2. Windows 8, 10

    Use the Instruction Explorer to navigate to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.Vista,

  3. How do I fix Windows icons?

    Right-click an empty space on your desktop.
    In the pop-up window, click “Show” to expand the options.
    Make sure many have “Show desktop icons” checked.
    You may want your styles to reappear immediately.

    Windows 7

    Click Start, All Programs, right-click Startup, and select Open.

  • Select the shortcut labeled Ink Tracking Alerts – or Cartridge Monitor Alerts – , and then press the Delete key.

    The manufacturer icon will be removed.


    If there are multiple shortcut icons, the delete icon is the name of the remote printer.

  • Restart your computer.

    The error is no longer displayed.

  • Windows 8, 10

    Use Market Explorer to navigate to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.Vista,

  • Windows 7

    Click Start, All Programs, right-click Startup, and select Open.

  • Note:

    If there is no doubt about the presence of several icons quickly Upon access, only the icon will be removed, which often matches the name of the printer being removed.

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    One of our daily activities in 10 windows is to listen to music or watch tutorial videos to animate and create a different environment while working with each of the system apps in addition to other built-in 10 windows options. One of the options that we need to have in order to be able to manage our tool is the main access, with which we can customize it without having to carefully study your parameters for a long time. Sometimes some of us don’t find this tome or don’t like it, it doesn’t work properly, which unfortunately can lead us to despair.

    One of our common mistakes in Windows 10 beechThe main thing is that the volume icon may not work properly, which prevents us from controlling the system and volume. Again, this usually happens after an update, software installation, and so again the error does not allow us to boot, perhaps turn down the volume according to our option. TechnoWikis explains some practical methods to solve this problem and control the entire audio device in Windows 10.

    1. Fix Volume Icon Bug When Implementing Windows 10 Restart Explorer

    How do I fix corrupted icons in Windows 10?

    Fixing this problem should be much easier. Press Windows key + R, type cleanmgr.exe and press Enter. Scroll down, check the box next to Show thumbnails, and click OK. So humans are your choice if your cutie mark ever misbehaves.

    The first product we use is Windows 10 browser reactivation to know that various services are available such as PC desktop, taskbar and many more, so when we restart this mobile we put everything update tasks and/or do it. you can access the full functionality of the disk type. Run

    For this task, we will no doubt access the task manager using one of the following options. After that, people can try using the world famous volume and check its status.

    There we are Let’s go to our own Processes tab in the general administrator and look for Windows Explorer and to restart it we get the following options:

    • Right click and select Restart.
    • Also click the “Restart” button at the bottom.

    2. Fix Volume Icon Error By Restarting The Windows Audio Service

    Windows 10 is just an operating system that participates in various services for optimal performance, and sound can’t be far from that because it forces sound on 10 windows to transmit its own service, and when that one fails or issues an error like this will negatively affect the volume up or down options.

    To test this and restart any audio service in Windows 10 we need to use the following key binding and run the following command:


    Press Enter or Accept and in the window that appears we will no doubt find all the services called “Windows Audio”. In any case, we will double-click or right-click on it and select the “Properties” option:

    In the waistIn the window that appears, we will define the following elements. We will then click on the Stop button and on startup, we will restart this service. It is also important to confirm that the Automatic option is present in all the Startup Type fields. Click “Apply” and “Accept” to save some changes.

    3. Fix Volume Icon Error When Updating Windows 10 Audio Driver

    How do I get rid of the green check marks on my desktop icons Windows 10?

    One of the most common causes of audio misunderstanding is due to their drivers, some of which allow audio to work properly using both core hardware and generic software, unlike newer updates, compatibility issues can affect this service .

    Quality idea is to update the biker to the latest version released by the developer. To do this, we go to the Device Manager and run one of the following:

    In the window that appears, go back to the “Audio inputs and outputs” section and right-click on our controller and select the “Å” option Update driver:

    If you choose to always update your computer driver, you can update it in several ways. There you can update the audio driver, as well as check if the audio process works correctly in Windows 10.

    What do Windows icons mean?

    Why are there so many warning icons in Windows programs?